Ready to dive in deep, build bridges across divides, & live aligned with your values?

Calling all heart-centered struggling with overwhelm, compassion fatigue or work/life balance. If you’re eager to build resilience, leverage your privilege and power, and have create impact in the world, then keep reading!

So many highly ambitious women like you, struggle with imposter syndrome, low self-esteem, work/life balance, developing meaningful relationships, and getting out of their own way when it comes to living the life they know they want. What’s worse is that on the outside, most people would never know these women are struggling. Sound familiar?

Maybe you have a decent circle of friends you go out with, you’re involved in community groups, and you’re doing some amazing work in the world, sounds good except for the fact that inside there’s still a wrestling…Publicly you seem to have it all figured out but behind closed doors you feel undervalued and overworked, like each day births more questions than answers and you’re on the verge of falling apart, trying to take care of others while fighting for a vision of the world which you wonder if you’ll ever live to see.

You question if you’re having the type of impact you want to have or if you can sustain the impact you currently have…you struggle to maintain relationships with healthy boundaries and although you want to reflect, meditate, journal and develop a deeper practice of self-love and self-care, at the end of the day you’re worn out. Rather than look within or have the hard but worthwhile conversations you know are necessary, you grab a bowl of ice cream, turn on Netflix or run to the mall and buy that new bag you’ve been wanting.

Why? Because inner work isn’t easy. Looking within often unearths past pains and discomfort as we see aspects of ourselves we don’t want to look at, can’t accept, or didn’t realize existed. But looking at reality as it is and our lives as they are — the good, bad, ugly and beautiful– then sitting in the discomfort and duality until it calls us to act, is what we need more of.

How will we shine more light if we can’t acknowledge the dark? How will we become more loving if we only love when easy? How will we grow in patience if we disconnect from people that get on our nerves? How will we challenge our biased ways if we ourselves are never lovingly called out?

As an empath you feel deeply — it’s what drew you to heart-centered work in the first place — but you being the one who so genuinely shows up in service towards others sometimes leaves you wondering where to find that same support for yourself. You’re trying your best to lean into your empathetic gifts and intuitive voice but sometimes the noise around you gets too loud and you can’t seem to find a quiet space to be with yourself.

Now more than ever we need communities of practice where we can dive deep and explore it ALL. And to do so in an environment that isn’t meant to blame or shame us into a downward spiral of despair but to honor each persons truth(s), healing and inner growth in a way that uplifts, inspires and calls us back to our highest selves. An environment that can also hold the fact that one person’s truth may unintentionally hurt another, and then explore it.

As children, we learn all sorts of things from our environments and as adults, our opportunity is to discern what things we’ve picked up that aren’t aligned with our values, are no longer serving us and that we want to leave behind. Just as we once learned we now must unlearn and then learn again. It’s a process…a journey… a practice — one that is far more deep, meaningful and sustaining when done with others.

What if I told you...

That you don’t have to be going through life alone, showing only the Instagram worthy aspects of who you are and hiding the rest…

But rather, you can be your full self at all times, with people who know how to hold the complexity of life and of all your identities…

With women who see your boldness and confidence alongside your insecurities, rather than letting one negate the other.

And what if I told you...

That you can move from having surface level relationships to meaningful sisterhoods of authenticity, depth and mutual support.

…where you’re supported in living your values in action. Where you gain aligned partners and allies who are committed to doing the hard work of diving deep around the things that really matter in life.

…where nothing is off the table – but where you can talk about things like imposture syndrome, overwhelm & anxiety, power and privilege, saviorship in mission-driven work, overcoming past traumas and standing in your truth.

This is exactly what's waiting for you in ALIGNED, our membership for Women of Purpose & Power


Break free from a belief that you’ll never find “your people” or have ideal support…instead, build it!


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"RAW" Conversations

Join us for two hours of Real, Authentic & Worthwhile (RAW) conversation each month. Together with other women of purpose and power around the globe, we will dive deep into issues not often discussed openly. We will explore what it takes to practice our values by exploring what feels incongruent with our beliefs and what feels aligned. This is a space not to debate but to voice what’s on your heart, be seen, heard and understood, while offering the same to others on the journey of living authentically.


"Walk Your Truth" Learning Series

Each month I’ll be diving into some of the challenges faced in building bridges across divides, pursuing truth, and living out your core values day-by-day, in alignment. Occasionally I may also sit down with some phenomenal women who’ve committed to stepping outside their comfort zones, asking difficult questions, and sitting in uncertainty, all for the sake of truth and becoming their highest selves.

These recordings are for our members only and will hit at topics most relevant to you and what we touch on when together during RAW conversations.



Join a global community of women who daily ask themselves “how can I show up more connected to my purpose and rooted in my power?” Women who, above all else, are seeking truth — asking how can I honor and author what’s stirring within?” Women who are ready to play full out and tackle the inner gremlins to heal, grow and transform into their highest expression of self.


Praxis Partners

In addition to our group calls and a passionate community of other ambitious women committed to loving their shadows and doing the real soul searching work of walking in their values, each month you’ll have the opportunity pair off with one sister for supportive accountability in acting on your learning (ie. Praxis). Because the journey to becoming who you’re meant to be is not always easy, we’ve crafted a simple strategy for returning to your heart with consistent reflective action that you can do with another sister on the journey.

This IS for you, sis!

I know things are crazy.

It may feel like there are a million things more important than being part of a conscious online community.

But I want you to remember that our lives are made up by how we spend our days and are days made up of how we choose to show up in each moment. Your energy and intentions create your reality.

A mentor of mine says, “if you do today what is hard your life will be easy, but if you do today what is easy, your life will be hard.”

Training your mind to work for you rather than against, developing self-awareness, and owning your privilege and power then leveraging it, aren’t easy tasks. You will make mistakes, hurt people and experience break downs where you feel like you’re falling apart. However, trust that if you continually show up to yourself and others, in grace and truth, you will move into a whole new, more powerful version of yourself.

The trick is consistency! If you don’t stick with it by recommitting to the journey of self-growth and development daily, you’ll find the task overwhelming. Many will opt out when things get rough or tough but that’s why having the right support is essential as you rise into your Highest Self and take care of your mind, body and soul.

Join the Women of Purpose & Power membership community: ALIGNED to be held by a powerful sisterhood rooted in love, empathy, trust, surrender, compassion, grace and a fierce commitment to keep going no matter what.

Now more than ever it’s important that we come together in practice to actually LIVE the values we hold dear.

To support us in this very moment where there is so much uncertainty, a heaviness of heart and political unrest

You see, I’ve held this sisterhood as an idea in my head for the last few years but with everything happening in the world right now I realized there is no time to waste. Women are suffering — overwhelmed by grief, anger, fatigue and in need of respite that takes all that is being stirred and utilizes that energy for something so much more powerful – for actionable impact.

You owe it to yourself to take care of your spiritual, emotional, mental and physical  health by bearing witness to the deepest truths within you and to those within others. You owe it to yourself to claim space for unearthing your own idea of what you want love, justice and mercy to look like in your everyday. You owe it to yourself to be that example that helps another keep going and to stand boldly in your purpose and power.

Remember, your life is a reflection of the choices you make daily. And the world is a reflection of the larger collective consciousness.

YOU can no longer afford to be silent or live a life incongruent with what you believe.

The World Needs YOU. The women in this community need you too…Because when you practice what you preach, standing in the truth of who you are, you enable others to do the same…And this is exactly why we’re coming together – to not only light the fire but strengthen and sustain it.

There are phenomenal women waiting to walk with you as support and encouragement along the way.

Together we’ll be talking about things like identity, allyship, boldly standing in our beliefs, navigating imposture syndrome, challenging power dynamics in the workplace, and managing stress, anxiety, depression or thoughts of suicide, to name a few. Each month you’ll be invited to share your questions around often taboo topics of discussion. As a group, we will dive in and share from our experiences and personal truths! You’ll also be supported with tools to help you root in your values and pray/ meditate/ journal/ organize/ dance your way back into authentic alignment.

We’re going through the largest awakening in human history, on multiple levels. And guess what? It’s heart-centered, impact-driven women, LIKE YOU — who choose to feel fear and move forward anyway — that are guiding the path forward!

"This has given me courage and confidence to speak more of my truth. Thank you for this opportunity!"
California, USA
"Im walking away with a recognition that this is not just 'lifelong work,' it's a whole way of being and recognizing others' humanity every day. This space has challenged me to be honest about by limitations and also to have courage to have hard conversations in my own life and the circles I occupy.
Arkansas, USA
"Before, I wouldn't have known how to engage a group online of people I didn't know around a sensitive topic, but now I have witnessed an incredible example! I realise that this work isn't something you set aside your time for, but is something you orient your whole life towards! "
Kampala, Uganda

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Great question! There are many groups out there that help woman show up more boldly and grow in confidence however what we found was that most “female empowerment” spaces focused on the public life of a woman. While some might hit on themes of imposter syndrome and confidence, none really dove into the daily practice or process of growth. Instead, they were geared at changing the external without fully supporting the process to sustain internal changes. What we found was that there are many woman who externally seem to be “killin’ it” but internally come home to broken relationships, feelings of inadequacy and overwhelm and have nowhere to express themselves because they feel like they should “have it all together” or because everyone in their circle typically comes to them for support. We decided to make this community because we couldn’t find any place where women were gathering in courage, power and truth to focus on the inner work of healing, transformation and growth nor doing it in a way that called for actionable accountability while lifting up the inner wisdom of being in “process”. What makes our group different is that we do not shy away from depth – we dive right in. Yes, there will be times you feel uncomfortable but we’re a group committed to leaning outside our comfort zones because we know that’s the only way to grow and because we trust we’ll be held by others doing the same.

Our aim is for you to get the support you want and need. The great thing about a monthly membership is that you can leave anytime you’d like. We suggest that you stay at least 6 months to really develop the practice of inner development, however we do not impose that as a requirement. If for whatever reason you’d like to cancel simply let us know 15 days before your membership renews and we’ll make sure you don’t get charged again. Simple as that 🙂

The time set for each gathering will initially be set based on the geographic location of our Founding Members. That said, our RAW Conversations are not the only way to engage. You will also have access to our Walk Your Truth series, which will be recorded for you to watch at your leisure and Praxis Partners, which can be scheduled at a time convenient for you. Additionally, as the group grows, we expect to adapt and innovate to the needs present, which may very well mean hosting multiple RAW conversations each month, at varying times.

Due to the depth and intimate nature of each conversation we want to honour what is shared and hold the integrity of each gathering as a sacred container where as many barriers to sharing are removed as possible. We thank you in advance for understanding that we are not able to share playbacks for everyone to listen in on without doing the brave work of participating live. That said, we may offer clips of powerful moments that invite reflection for our community as a whole and show what’s possible when women come together, across difference, each standing in their truths while bearing witness to others in theirs.

We believe in the power of building authentic relationships of depth across difference therefore we highly value diversity and invite self-identified women from all walks of life to join. This is a global community so members span the global north and the global south. What unifies us is our commitment to self-growth, healing and inner transformation. We are rooted in shared values of authenticity, truth, stewardship and the fierce pursuit of a life of integrity for bold impact. Together, we join forces to do the hard work that is required when tackling our inner gremlins and unlearning in order to re-learn what feels aligned with who and how we want to be in the world.

We highly encourage our members to connect offline, if they feel led to. While we won’t be hosting regular in-person gatherings, we hope to build this in as the group grows.

About Your Host

Hi, I’m Akwese, a social entrepreneur and transformative leadership coach for heart-centered women. Over the last decade I’ve helped more than 1,000 people play full-out to become leaders of their own lives. From facilitating programs for grassroots change-makers, to coaching leadership at Harvard, to running virtual 1:1 and group learning experiences, I leverage humanistic and positive psychology techniques as well as a whole-person centered approach to enable people to live to their truest potential.

I created this program specifically for women because I know how it feels to long for a community of real and meaningful connection to support with what I call the “real work” of life. Although I live in a vibrant and diverse city, it’s been challenging to find a community that feels aligned with my values of social justice, spirituality, and deep connection. I’d make a few friends here and there but many of the community groups available felt surface-level whereas I wanted more. Plus, when it came to other expat communities I found that so many were transient or just wanted to party. I’m all in for a good time every now and then but that’s not what I live life for — I live for deep conversation, genuine friendship, co-creation and continued learning. I felt a real lack of support in the day-to-day practice of living aligned with my values, especially as someone who recognizes the immense privilege it was to be able to choose to live in the country I was living. Plus forget the fact that I’m a female social entrepreneur and the lone wolf syndrome is no joke!

Since I couldn’t find the community I yearned for locally I ended up getting very intentional with how I stayed digitally connected with a core circle of friends. This group became an essential element of how I’ve been able to thrive while navigating the everyday challenges of life and showing up as my truest self, in all arenas.

As I continued to support other heart-centered women and changemakers through my global coaching company I realized many were describing the same lack around meaningful relationships. Time and time again, I would hear from highly ambitious heart-centered women how they often felt alone and on the verge of burnout, craving space for depth, honesty and full transparency in their relationships. They were also full of ideas and big dreams but knew those visions couldn’t be sustained alone. Each of them mentioned how much they loved the group work we’d done together in my leadership programs but they wanted more support in holding themselves accountable to their values, goals and ultimately to the woman they know they could be. Thus, the Women of Purpose & Power community was birthed and together we began to journey towards resilience and sustainable impact!

It didn’t take long after that for me to realize the urgency in formalizing this space by creating a consistent container for connection and support. This last July I decided to launch a one-off Real, Authentic, and Worthwhile “RAW” conversation. I received such great feedback that I knew this event exploring our deepest, truest parts, should be an on-going a sisterhood and just like that, the Aligned Membership was launched!

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