2022 Virtual Vision Party

Date: Friday, January 28th 2022
Time: We’ll kick things off at 5pmPST/ 8pmEST and go for 2 hours ( longer for anyone who feels like a purposeful after party!)
Location: Sign on details will be sent after you confirm your seat!

Who are you becoming?

Better yet, who do you hope to become?

It’s time to take back control over your time, priorities and dreams, in order to set a foundation for your highest self to THRIVE!

One of the most important steps to creating habits and setting goals that actually stick ( rather than ones you forget by March)  is to be able to attach them to a DEEPER PURPOSE & CLEAR VISION. 

I mean think about it, would you hop in your car to drive if you didn’t know where you were going? 

Most people wouldn’t ever get into the driver’s seat without first knowing how to drive and secondly, not without a clear idea of where they’re headed… 

yet how often do we set goals without knowing where we aim to be,

without knowing the deeper “why” behind those desires, 

and worse yet, without having done the foundational inner work needed to sustain those goals?

Whether you’re an avid “vision boarder” or this is your first time bringing fierce intention to your life, I know you will gain from this! 

Expect to spend the evening leaning into who you want to be and what you’d like to see more of in your life. 

The space will be highly experiential – I’ll facilitate a fun and sacred space that includes individual reflection & writing time, large group dialogue, small group conversations and live co-creation of our boards with music! 

Come dressed like the individual you want to be in the world! 

Meaning, if you wish to be someone more bold and playful, wear something colorful and a bit more daring than you typically do… 

if you desire to be someone more rooted and peaceful, maybe throw on your yoga pants and a shirt with an encouraging quote…

or if you want to channel a fierce business owner this year, maybe wear a power suit and heels. 

Find and wear whatever helps set the tone for what you’d like to bring out within yourself over the coming year & beyond!


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